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Radiotherapy is used to treat approximately 50% of all cancer patients, with varying prognoses. Intrinsic radiosensitivity is an important factor underlying the radiotherapeutic efficacy of this precise treatment. During the past decades, great efforts have been made to improve radiotherapy treatment through multiple strategies. However, invaluable data remains buried in the extensive radiotherapy literature, making it difficult to obtain an overall view of the detailed mechanisms leading to radiosensitivity, thus limiting advances in radiotherapy.
To address this issue, we collected data from the relevant literature contained in the PubMed database and developed a literature-based database that we term the cancer radiosensitivity regulation factors database (dbCRSR). dbCRSR is a manually curated catalogue of radiosensitivity, containing multiple radiosensitivity regulation factors with appropriate annotation. Users can download data from dbCRSR freely, and can search information conveniently through the user-friendly web interface. We intend to collect accurate information used for bio-research and make it accessible to all users freely. A brief tutorial is available here.
Item Num
Literature 1072
Cancer type 54
Gene 395
miRNA 106
Compound 306